Our Approach

At the Pharmacie Carole Cyr, we do pharmacy differently.

Our approach is based on general health and its six components, and on the relationship between a patient and his or her pharmacist. The general health finds a balance between its six components, all necessary to reach a better health.

Medication: Whether temporary or chronic, medication can regulate or manage physical, biological and psychological health problems that could not be controlled otherwise.

Physical Activity: Being physically active keeps your body fit and has many benefits in terms of both metal and biological health, as well as preventing or delaying certain diseases.

Sleep: Sleep is necessary for your body to allow it to rest and function properly. A lack of sleep causes physical and psychological consequences that can be serious.

Stress Management: Stress is a condition that is too common. Too much stress can have serious consequences for the body and mind of anyone.

Nutrition: Good nutrition gives your body all the nutrients you need, and prevents many health problems.

Education: Educating yourself on each components of general health will enable you to acquire knowledge that will benefit your own health and will help you make good decisions.


If, like us, you believe in the importance of your general health, ask us what we can do to help you.