The Team

All members of the Pharmacie Carole Cyr team have your general health at heart. We work tirelessly to meet your health needs in the easiest way possible for you. Our team is dedicated to your well-being, and we are here to guide you, accompany you and support you.

Pharmacy Team

Carole Cyr, pharmacist-ownerCarole Cyr, pharmacienne propriétaire

Smiling, warm and friendly, Carole will welcome you to her pharmacy as if you were a long time friend. After a career in the pharmaceutical field, she returned to the profession of pharmacist to find human contact and make a difference in the everyday life of her patients.

Manon Veri, pharmacienneManon Veri, pharmacist

Passionate, empathetic and honest, Manon has worked for twenty-five years in community pharmacy. Her dedication was highlighted with the PharmExcellence Award. She believes in succession and is involved in the training of pharmacists. She has been a tutor, evaluator, speaker, consultant, project manager, and more.

Emmanuelle Doyon, pharmacistEmmanuelle Doyon, pharmacienne

With more than twelve years of experience in pharmacy, Emmanuelle advises you in a benevolent and precise way. She mainly works at the Longueuil branch, where she has developed expertise in dermatology.

Maria Jabrane, assistante techniqueMaria Jabrane, technical assistant

Maria will welcome you to the pharmacy with patience, kindness and diligence. Her professionalism and her keen mind make her able to combine all the tasks of a technician and study at the university full-time. She already juggles with knowledge in chemistry, computer science and engineering, and she has not been afraid to take on all the challenges that a technician has to face, in addition to learning about medication, its effects and its benefits!

Camille Zolopa, technical assistantCamille Zolopa, assistante technique

Camille joined the Pharmacie Carole Cyr team towards the end of 2017, where she was took on the duties of the role of technical assistant with rigor and determination, while offering you a comprehensive and professional service. She grew up in California and came to Montreal to finish her studies. She is currently studying psychology at Concordia University, after brief passages in literature and anthropology.

Medical Records Analysts

Rachel Therrien, specialized pharmacistRachelle Therrien, pharmacienne spécialisée

Energetic, positive, rigorous and attentive, involved throughout her career in hospitals, Rachel will use her skills to revise your pharmacological profile. Her commitment to the community and her fellow pharmacists has been recognized by the Award of Excellence in Specialized Practice, by the Clinical Pharmacists Association’s Innovation in Clinical Practice Award, and by the Farha Foundation’s Heroes’ Homage Award.

Marie-Line Renaud, pharmacienne spécialiséeMarie-Line Renaud, specialized pharmacist

Attentive, dynamic and comprehensive, Marie-Line will listen to those who wish to discuss their medication with an open mind. Through her experience in Family Medicine Group (FMG), she works to ensure that everyone feels confortable in the partnership with the health professionals involved in their care. As a partner of the pharmacy, she will carry out an analysis of your medical file with meticulousness and precision, to make sure that your medication is adapted to your situation.

External Collaborators

Patrick Georgevitch, physiotherapistPatrick Georgevitch, kinésithérapeute

Patrick is a physiotherapist, trained in various manual techniques, including fasciatherapy, mechanical therapy and muscular tension lifting. He teaches anatomy and stretching for massage therapy students in Montreal. With over ten years of experience to his credit, he is a strong advocate for prevention in health.

Mélanie Tremblay, infirmièreMélanie Tremblay, nurse

Mélanie has been working for many years as a nurse for all ages and all vaccines. At the pharmacy, she takes care of vaccines from our travel clinic. Thanks to her humor, we assure you that the vaccines will not hurt you!

Jean-Michel Pelletier, psychologistJean-Michel Pelletier, psychologue

Jean-Michel is a colorful psychologist who likes to simplify and popularize seemingly complex concepts in psychology. Using scientifically proven techniques and interactive experiences, he aims for you to discover your potential and your limits as a human being. His specialty is understanding how the human being reasons, functions and flourishes. He puts his knowledge at your disposal to help you evolve in the respect of your nature towards a better psychological well-being. Jean-Michel is a clinical psychologist specializing in motivation issues in sportive, professional and academic environments. He uses cognitive-behavioral and systemic approaches to intervene effectively in various issues such as anxiety disorders, depression and attention deficit disorder (AD(H)D).

Nadine Gharios, yogi psychothérapeute Nadine Gharios, psychotherapist yogi

Comprehensive and attentive, Nadine will accompany you through an unusual therapeutic approach: psyko-yoga. Specializing in yoga and psychotherapy, she has combined her knowledge in both areas so you can become aware of your body and your mind. Her unique approach will allow you to establish links between your physical health and your mental state, in addition to providing you with tools to manage your stress or regain control over your anxiety.

Myriam Latulippe, nutritionistMyriam Latulippe, nutritionniste

Myriam graduated from the Université de Montréal in 2017. She works mostly with diabetes, dyslipidemia, vegetarianism, and sports nutrition. Open-minded and creative, Myriam will give you good advice to align your nutrition with your needs and goals. Adept of gastronomy herself, Myriam is also the right person to allow you to eat healthy and tasty.